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Program & Schedule
Jinan · 2018

Track A

Marko Vasic, David Soloveichik and Sarfraz Khurshid.

CRN++: Molecular Programming Language

Erik Demaine, Jacob Hendricks, Meagan Olsen, Matthew J. Patitz, Trent A. Rogers, Nicolas Schabanel, Shinnosuke Seki and Hadley Thomas.

Know When to Fold 'Em: Self-Assembly of Shapes by Folding in Oritatami

Constantine Evans and Erik Winfree.

Optimizing Tile Set Size while Preserving Proofreading with a DNA Self-Assembly Compiler

Kendall Stewart, Yuan-Jyue Chen, David Ward, Xiaomeng Liu, Georg Seelig, Karin Strauss and Luis Ceze.

A Content-Addressable DNA Database with Learned Sequence Encodings

Shalin Shah and John Reif. Temporal DNA barcodes:

A time-based approach for single-molecule imaging

Jacob Hendricks, Joseph Opseth, Matthew Patitz and Scott Summers.

Hierarchical Growth is Necessary and (Sometimes) Sufficient to Self-Assemble Discrete Self-Similar Fractals

Matthew Patitz, Jacob Hendricks, Michael Sharp, Jerome Durand-Lose and Ian Perkins.

Self-Assembly of 3-D Structures Using 2-D Folding Tiles

Robert Gmyr, Kristian Hinnenthal, Irina Kostitsyna, Fabian Kuhn, Dorian Rudolph, Christian Scheideler and Thim Strothmann.

Forming Tile Shapes with Simple Robots

Yo-Sub Han, Hwee Kim and Shinnosuke Seki.

Transcript Design Problem of Oritatami Systems

Austin Luchsinger, Cameron Chalk, Robert Schweller, Andrew Winslow, Tim Wylie and Eric Martinez.

Freezing Simulates Non-freezing Tile Automata

Yo-Sub Han and Hwee Kim.

Construction of Geometric Structure by Oritatami System

Muppirala Viswa Virinchi, Abhishek Behera and Manoj Gopalkrishnan.

A reaction network scheme which implements the EM algorithm

Track B
Si-Ping Han, Lisa Scherer, Matt Gethers, Marwa Ben Hadj Salah, Rebecca Mancusi, Sahil Sagar, Robin Hu, Julia Derogatis,

Ya-Huei Kuo, Guido Marcucci, John Rossi and William A. Goddard Iii.

Development and optimization of strand displacement based conditional small interfering RNAs for operation inside mammalian cells

Dominic Scalise, Nisita Dutta and Rebecca Schulman.

DNA strand-displacement buffers

Tom de Greef and Alex Joesaar.

Programmable DNA-based Communication in Populations of Artificial Cells

Alexander Ohmann, Chen-Yu Li, Christopher Maffeo, Kareem Al Nahas, Kevin Baumann, Kerstin Göpfrich, Jejoong Yoo, Ulrich Keyser and Aleksei Aksimentiev.

Synthetic enzyme built from DNA flips lipids of biological membranes at record rates

Eyal Nir, Yaron Berger and Miran Liber.

Computer Controlled DNA Bipedal Walker that Perform Several Steps a Minute

Feng Li, Yongya Li, Guan Wang and Sean Mason.

Simulation-guided engineering of an enzyme-powered three-dimensional DNA nanomachine for discriminating single nucleotide variants

Xin Guo, Chuan Jiang, Yu Wang, Mashooq Ali, Wei Zhang, Xue-Mei Wang, Fei-Yang Feng, Ling Zhang and Shou-Jun Xiao.

Construction of Holliday Junction in Small Circular DNA Molecules for DNA Nanostructures

Rory Brittain, Nick Jones and Thomas Ouldridge.

Differing strategies for memory-limited inference and thermodynamic exploitation of structured molecular environments

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